Unleaded Meter Unit, Fitted New Rotor,

Suitable For TR5, TR6 & 2.5 PI

After extensive research by a materials analyst into the problems associated with the Lucas metering units use with unleaded petrol and further experimentation with various materials the following solution has proven to solve the rotor and shuttle lubrication problem.

The inner rotor has been re-manufactured using a material specially developed to perform in unleaded petrol to the same exacting requirements as the original in unleaded petrol. The rotor and shuttle assembly are ground to the tolerances as stipulated by Lucas during the manufacture of the original.

This means quite simply that not only does the rotor assembly work with unleaded petrol but also this assembly is not a used item with some wear present as in all previous reconditioned units, but a new one. Life is therefore extended considerably.

During early testing it became apparent that the material used for the manufacture of seals and fuel diaphragm used in normal leaded unit rebuild was not suitable for use in unleaded fuel. The chemicals present in unleaded fuel melted the seals and caused massive leaks.

In order to solve this problem, we now have every seal and the diaphragm manufactured using our own specially designed tooling from a material compatible with both leaded and unleaded fuels. These seals are now also used in our units fitted with standard rotors.

In order to test the unit to extreme a purpose built test rig was manufactured to simulate an engine application. This test rig used standard injectors, PRV and Lucas pump. The unit was run for a total of 1800 hours at a constant 5600 RPM engine speed, this represents in excess of 100,000 miles.

At 100 hour intervals both the meter unit and the pump were stripped and examined, neither showing any signs of wear, other than normal, both being reassembled and again run on the test rig.

No further testing is to be carried out on this rig as we now feel that the unit has proven itself, bearing in mind we now have in excess of 1600 units in use Worldwide.

These units are offered as a straight forward service exchange against your existing meter unit and carry the same warranty as our standard units with the exception that the rotor assembly has a lifetime warranty against seizure with the use of unleaded fuel with ethanol content.

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