Parts and Price list:-

Metering Unit - Standard rotor unleaded / E10 compatible seals & Diaphragms

£355.00 exchange (special calibrations please enquire)

Metering Unit Core Surcharge - £120.00

All Metering Unit Seals and Diaphragms to unleaded spec are available e.g.

Fuel Diaphragm (viton material) £39.50

Vacuum Diaphragm (viton material) 


Vacuum Diaphragm Link Knuckle Nylon Bare  £15.00
Vacuum Diaphragm Link Knuckle Assembly Brass with Spherical Ball Joint  £59.00
Bung Seal (6 needed per unit) (viton material) £4.75 each
Metering Unit Tool Set (Bung seal removal tool, Stator Alignment tool, bung seal fitting tool £69.00
Rotor Assembly "O" ring (1 large & 1 small needed per unit) (viton material) £2.25 each
Pedestal to Metering Unit "O" ring (viton material) £2.25
Plastic Drive Dog Metering Unit 149595 (genuine original Lucas) £46.00
Metering unit inlet pipe (st/st outer, PTFE inner) £35.00
Metering unit inlet union - new with dowty washer £6.00
Metering unit outlet union - overhauled with dowty washer £30.00
Metering unit outlet union spacer type with viton "O" ring £30.00
Metering unit return line union screw on with fibre washer £14.00
Conversion Adapter - screw on return to push on £11.00
NB: Every Metering Unit Component is available from our vast stock. Please Enquire

Injectors Screw type

£40.00 exchange

Injectors Push type

£40.00 exchange

Injector Core Surcharge £40.00
Injector New Push In Includes nylon insulator & "O" ring - £89.95 £89.95
Nylon Injector Insulator Block push on with O ring 516922 £5.40
Nylon Injector Insulator Block screw on with O ring 516922S £5.40
Insulator Block "O" ring set of 6 £6.00
Injector Lead Set (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Clear) £110.00 per set exchange or £120 surcharge
Injector Lead Single 1-6 £22 exchange
Injector Filter, Original Lucas used, ultrasonic cleaned - set of 6 
Bosch Type Fuel Pump Conversion Kit inc. big bore tank outlet, pre & post filters £425.00 
Pre-Filter Billet Type as used with our Kit (Fitted With Paper Filter)  £81.50
Stainless Steel Element for use with our serviceable Bosch Pump pre-filter   £22.00
Bosch Pressure Filter £33.50
Bosch Style Replacement Pump £85.00
Banjo Link Pipe £33.00
Copper Washers £0.80
Self Centering Dowty Seal £0.80
Wiring & Relay hardware pack £48.00

Inertia switch original exchange

Inertia switch mounting clip original £14.00
Prestige Injection big bore Fuel Tank outlet with Dowty seal £30.00 (increases fuel outlet hose to 10mm bore)
Lucas Pump Repair Kit  (Brushes, Springs & 3 "O" rings) Discontinued
New Type PRV - Diaphragm Type - Purpose made to stop resonance & prevent pump overload (re-use your brass tee piece) £129.00
PRV Rubber Mount UKC2451 £2.35
Copper Reducer 1/4 - 3/16 (aids fitting PRV return to tank union)  £7.00

CP & CR Throttle Bodies (Inlet Manifolds)                            

£595.00 per car set - exchange

Throttle Bodies Core Surcharge - set of 3


Underslung Throttle Linkage Kit complete (every part req'd for CP) Can also be used on CR Throttle bodies if  CR to CP conversion Spindles are fitted.


Helicoil Repair 5/16 UNC thread for keeper plate £25.00

CP series Spindles (only required if spindle worn)


CP series Spindle extra long to facilitate fitting a TPS £82.00
CR series Spindle extra long to facilitate fitting a TPS £86.00
CR to CP series conversion Spindles (3 required to convert to CP Linkage Spec) £78.00
New Throttle Disc Brass CP / CR / 2500pi  £22.00 each
CP 150 early injection throttle return springs 148987 £9.00
CP 150 Underslung shaft brass bush upgrade £45.00 car set
CP 150 Underslung shaft ball jointed control rod set £55.00
Metering Unit Pedestal £95.00 exchange
Metering Unit Pedestal Overhaul Kit (2 x Lip Seal, 1 x "O" ring, 1 x gasket) £25.00
Pedestal to Metering Unit "O" ring £2.25 each
Pedestal seals - viton (2 required per pedestal unit) £10.95 each
Pedestal Plug "O" ring £1.10
Metering Unit Pedestal Gasket to Engine Block 0.006 inch 104939 £0.75 each
Banjo Bolt £20.00 each service exchange
Banjo Bolt New  £28.95
Banjo "O" ring £1.10 each

Petrol Tank - Steel construction - Twin returns on top - includes big bore tank outlet union & tank sender gasket £379.00


If your requirement is not listed, please email for price and availability

We can supply old units on an outright basis subject to surcharge and complete fuel injection systems

Complete Fuel Injection Systems - every single component overhauled, refinished or renewed where possible, with RHD or LHD throttle pedal includes new petrol tank £4,950 plus VAT

Fitting service full system carburetor to pi - £750 plus VAT

Second hand injection systems available from time to time plus many used parts in stock such as pedestals, drive gears, manifolds etc.

Plenum refinishing service in original Triumph black crackle coat is available from £85.00 - repairs and rectifications available at extra cost.

Fitting service available for any Prestige Injection components in our workshops

Lucas Colour Coded Diagnostic Card Set - Laminated Copy - £60.00

Small laminated fold out ideal for glove box - excellent simple flow chart to aid diagnostics - £8.00

We have 30 years experience with Lucas MK2 Fuel Injection and TR sports cars

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