Overhead Throttle Linkage Kit to suit TR5-TR6 & 2.5PI.

General Description

Now available, an overhead throttle linkage that is totally rigid on its brackets, is not bushed in plastic, is very simple to fit & adjust, a choke mechanism that works & with it’s aluminium bracket construction & choice of either plated mild steel or stainless steel cross shaft & control rods will both aesthetically enhance the appearance under bonnet & dramatically improve throttle spindle & butterfly adjustment & performance.

Brackets are made from 1/4’’ thick aluminium for maximum rigidity, they attach to original fixing holes on the throttle body. The cross shaft is bushed in 1” square aluminium bar which is attached to each bracket top and traverses closely along the top of the three throttle bodies. The three interconnecting rods attach to each spindle end and are supplied with left and right threaded ends , to which are fixed right angled knuckle joints. The length of the rod is adjusted simply by releasing the lock nuts and rotating the rod, this telescopes the knuckle joints to give accurate adjustment, therefore ease of setting up, far smother pick up and totally eliminates butterfly flutter (subject to spindles being in good condition) On both CP & CR series this linkage utilises the original throttle and choke cable. The benefit of this linkage over our more original under slung type is it allows the use of more radical extractor exhaust manifolds.

Unlike our established under slung linkage the over head has the ability to be installed directly to CR series with no spindle modification on the understanding that the spindle ends would need some modification to accept the control rods and the centre spindle would still have no return spring. For ease of fit and smooth return of centre spindle we would recommend renewing the spindles with our modified CR to CP spec, the main benefit being winning a return spring on centre spindle.


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