Bosch fuel pump conversion kit.

For TR5 & TR6.

Also 2.5 PI Saloon 

This Kit has been designed with Bosch technicians to satisfy the exact fuel demands of the Lucas MKII Fuel Injection system, it is without doubt the best kit available in the market place and must not be confused with other inferior products.

Please Note:

 Bosch no longer produce the Pump that this kit was based upon, however we now use

a pump of exactly the same performance, dimensions and specification manufactured to the same exacting standards supplied from an alternative

after market supplier.  



After much research by ourselves and advice from both German and British Bosch technicians this pump kit has been developed to satisfy the Lucas Mk2 metering unit fuel pressure and volume demands.

The kit has been designed to replace the original Lucas pump, filter and hose assembly but utilises the original PRV. The kit consists of a Bosch pump with a non return valve and a Bosch high pressure high volume filter both of which are encased in a 3mm thick purpose made bracket lined with 1.5 mm thick rubber. This fits inside the spare wheel well on a 6 mm thick rubber mounting pad just below the bracket that the original filter assembly fitted to.

The kit also comes with hoses and fittings, the hose for the high pressure filter to the PRV being manufactured from stainless steel armoured PTFE. Included are all nuts, bolts and washers.

The Bosch pump used is capable of producing a minimum flow rate of 25 galls per hour at a pressure of 7 Bar, the Lucas pump produces a minimum flow rate of 16 galls per hour at a similar pressure.

Due to the Bosch pumps much larger flow rate the standard Lucas filter is not of sufficient capacity therefore a Bosch filter with a capacity of 36 galls per hour has been recommended by Bosch and used by ourselves in this kit. This filter is placed between the pump and the PRV. An additional high performance aluminium billet filter is placed between the pump and the fuel tank. This filter can then be removed, taken to pieces and cleaned. The pump relies upon a free flow gravity feed therefore it is important there are no restrictions in the tank outlet. To ensure this the kit is supplied with an adaptor that replaces the original 1/4" bore tube outlet. The original tube outlet is removed, the new outlet screwed in this increases the tank outlet bore to 8.5 mm - available as separate part, please see parts and prices.

Attached to the outlet of the pump between the pump and the filter is a non return valve. This valve serves two purposes; it keeps a constant fuel pressure on the filter and the PRV therefore allowing the pump a much easier start when switched on. It also prevents any sediment present in the filter returning to the pump.

The old Lucas pump draws approximately 5 amps at 13 volts when delivering 100lbs pressure with a normal flow rate. The Bosch pump kit draws 9 amps and it is recommended that a suitable fuse, ignition controlled relay and 25 amp cabling supply and return is installed. We sell a basic electrical hardware pack consisting of fuse, relay and enough cable to run to the back of the car. This is a simple hardware pack to get you started and not a comprehensive pre-made wiring loom. Please ring for details.  The Bosch Pump is pre-fitted with a short loom to facilitate connection.

Note: to see picture of Bosch pump installed in boot spare wheel  well go to Lucas pump page.

We stock copper washers, dowty seals, banjo bolts, banjo link pipe, pumps, pressure filters, pre-filters and O rings to support you if you are carrying out service or repair work.

Now available new diaphragm PRV specifically designed to stop resonance associated with all Bosch fuel pump conversions.

Note, this valve is supplied preset on our calibrated test bench to 103psi ready for installation, no further adjustment required.

For further information contact:

Carl Fitchett at TR Trader

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