• Dismantle and bead blast all external components.
  • Seal all internal components with new 'O' rings, bung seals, Fuel diaphragm and vacuum diaphragm. (Please see notes below regarding seal quality and use)
  • Reassemble and calibrate on appropriate test rig to deliver fuel quantities at appropriate vacuum & R.P.M.
  • Adjust over fuel lever.

£215.95 each s/ex Plus VAT

Please Note:-

All metering units now produced by ourselves have our own new generation seals, diaphragms and 'O' rings.

These are manufactured for our use only using our own specially designed tooling. The material used in the manufacture of these parts is suitable for unleaded fuels with ethanol content sold in any country worldwide.

This means that given enough rotor wear to produce enough clearance between the rotor and stator our standard meter unit would have the ability to run unleaded fuel. Used in this format we offer a twelve months rotor warranty.

For long term reliability we would recommend one of our purpose built unleaded units. These incorporate a specially remanufactured rotor assembly, ground to original manufacturers tolerance. This eradicates the problems associated with the wear present on the original rotor and the probability of rotor seizure.

These units carry a lifetime rotor warranty.