Hi ! My name is Malcolm Jones and I have been involved with TR's since 1977 when I bought my first TR3. At that time I was running a small engineering company and spent my spare time restoring various TR's - mainly as a hobby - for myself and friends.

In 1987 I decided to turn my hobby into a full time business and earn a living at something which I enjoy. This I did and over the next few years, rebuilding a number of TR's.

In 1989 I was given the opportunity to purchase the necessary calibrating and testing equipment to produce my own PI parts for the cars with which I was involved. This I did and, like everything else, the demand was such that other TR owners were soon knocking on my door asking me to sort out their PI

Petrol Injection soon took over the major part of my time and we started to develop ideas such as throttle linkages, Bosch fuel pump kits, etc.

Restoring and building PI systems and parts means that we are able to work from a 1200sq.ft.  workshop which is situated next to our place of residence.
This means lower overheads, therefore lower prices which are passed on to our customers, and of course first class security.

Part of our workshop is dedicated to machines such as calibration rigs, lathe, milling machine, etc. which, given our engineering background, means we produce most of the parts we sell. 

We do offer customers the ability to both drop off and collect parts, however this is done on a pr-arranged basis, please telephone to arrange.

The demand for PI parts is such that we do little else.We occasionally build engines and gearboxes and , of course, a number of unleaded conversions ( cylinder heads etc.).  In order to maintain a good standard of quality control we have no ambition to expand any further so, therefore, are generally working to a full order book. Our main priority is to give a good customer service and to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the end result.

All Enquiries by email Please. 

Regards Malcolm G. Jones